We create a product depending on the needs of the customer.


Full preparation for the shooting, creating a script, selecting the right personnel for each level, choosing a Director, selecting and casting stars, developing a filming process, creating a production schedule, creating costumes and special Grimm and wigs, creating scenery, getting permissions, creating an estimate and her statement.


Full production, creation of the filming process, Filming, complete production of the product, for transfer to post-production.


Processing of video material after shooting, color grading, overlaying computer graphics, editing, dubbing, editing. Delivery of the finished product.

Creation of commercials

Full development of the script and ideas.
Work with your ideas and bring them to life.

Create music videos

Full development of ideas, storyboard, coordination with the customer and the creation of a masterpiece.
Bringing your ideas to life.

Organization and provision of concert venues.

Technical provision for films and concerts.


  • Staff selection

  • Casting

  • Aerial photography

  • Underwater

  • Steadicam

  • Operator platforms



  • Transport

  • Filming techniques

  • Pavilions for filming

  • Generators and other equipment


Our studio is located in St. Petersburg, on General-Khruleva Street.